Live on The View! 01/11/2011
In case you missed it, check out Emily perform live on The View!

Thank you! 10/18/2010
Emily made a video to say "Thank You" to everyone whose picked up a copy of Fight or Flight. The new album is available everywhere now!

To the best fans! 10/06/2010
The months of hard work, endless writing and studio sessions feels like nothing compared to the last final hours until the release of my debut album Fight or Flight! Having the opportunity to create my own music is truly something more than extraordinary, and I can't even begin to explain how truly lucky I feel. Everyday I am thankful for my wonderful and supportive fans, my family and my friends who have always had my back and have always pushed me towards my sometimes outrageous dreams. Today in particular is a day to spread the love. I am counting on all of you to go out there, spread the word and buy the album! I want to share eleven little pieces of my heart with you, so please, turn it up, listen hard, and dance!

I love you all so very much.


Download Fight or Flight on iTunes
FLIGHT OR FLIGHT - Out Now! Emily Osment's new album Fight or Flight is now available in stores everywhere. Get it now! Available in the UK and Ireland 7/04!
LOVESICK - New Single Emily's new single LOVESICK is available now. Listen for it on your favorite radio station! Available in the UK & Ireland Now!